The Berg Motion Case

What is it?

The BMC  is a display case / showcase - They are used heavily by retail stores - but also by museums, businesses, and in homes to showcase valuable items or collections. Showcases are designed to securely display valuable objects to be viewed through one side (the "customer side") and have them accessible through the other (the "clerk side").  For this reason, showcases are most associated with retail stores.





Motion Control Switch

  • The amount display space is greater than a normal stand up glass showcase. Simply put more display in less space.

  • No items are hidden which is typical in a standard display case.

  • Every tray is a focal point encouraging the viewer to closely look at each item.

  • A convenient lift up top serving door provides the clerk ready access when assistance is appropriate.

Emotionally, for the viewer, the curiosity about what is in the next tray, and the desire to find the best or pick a favorite are very difficult to dismiss.

How big is it?

The footprint of the BMC is less than six square feet. It is 36" left to right and 20" front to back. The height option is either 38" or 40". Both are considered standard heights. The cabinet itself is 35" tall with either a 3" or 5" recessed kick base.

What makes it unique?

The design incorporates the use of multiple trays to present the items for viewing. The trays rotate in a Ferris wheel fashion on a continuous serpentine path. The motion switch is mounted for the viewer to operate giving them control to rotate the trays forward or in reverse. As the trays rotate each passes through an optimal viewing top shelf position, brightly illuminated, only inches below the glass.


Lift Up Serving Door

Case Dimensions.png

What can I display?

Antiques, Arrow Heads, Artifacts, Baseball Cards, Beads, Cigarette Lighters, Coins, Collectibles, Fishing Lures, Fountain Pens, Heirlooms, Jewelry, Knives, Memorabilia, Minerals & Gems, Miniatures, Model Trains, Pipes, Political Memorabilia, and on and on....

Narrow and wide trays
Wide Tray clearance envelope

Wide Tray clearance envelope

More than practical to list. The trays are 31-1/2" long and come in two widths - Narrow and Wide. The wide is 3-3/4" inside front to back and the narrow is 2-1/2". You can select either or have a combination of both. As the trays travel a minimum clearance dictates a maximum height of any object in the tray. The trays rotate and gravity keeps them flat as they move just as the passenger seats on a Ferris wheel will stay horizontal. Similarly, as the seat on a Ferris wheel can have a rocking motion so can the tray. A low profile & center of gravity is best for what is being displayed. The items in the trays need to be stable enough to stay in position when the motion starts and stops. The maximum clearance between trays is a dome shape. 3-1/4" at the center and 1-3/4" at the sides for wide trays. Narrow trays are closer together with a maximum height of 2" and 1".



How much weight will it hold?

The weight of the tray is not as important as the balance of weight in the "circle". The motor works most efficiently when the weight is balanced. If you have a mix of items with trays of different weights it is important to counter balance a light or heavy tray going down with a similar weight tray opposite it in the circle going up. We recommend the total weight of the trays not exceed 45 LBS. The higher the weight the more important it is to keep it balanced. The trays will coast forward or backward when the motor stops if the balance of weight needs to be adjusted.



What about shipping?

Your showcase will be shipped as freight via common carrier. We choose between many carriers for shipping within the US, Canada, and internationally. Every shipment is reviewed to determine the best carrier and rate. Freight charges will be calculated based on the specifics of each order.

To learn about shipping costs please go the the SHIPPING page of the website. You will see sample rates and be able to request and receive an accurate freight quote.

Crated Showcase

Crated Showcase

The shipment will be set up specifically for your location whether it is a commercial or residential destination. Any special services you may require can be arranged. Special services may include lift gate delivery, inside delivery, limited access delivery, or time specific delivery.


Shipments are FOB Origin and sent prepaid unless other arrangements are requested. International shipments outside North America can be brokered through your agents or arranged through our international broker. The crated shipping weight is 198 LBS measuring 41" L x 26" D x 51" H and is shipped freight class 125.

Berg Motion Case Standard Features

  • Choice of four laminate finishes – Black, White, Walnut or Oak

  • Brushed aluminum trim

  • High output energy efficient LED lighting

  • 15 Wide trays with black or gray foam liners

  • Manual forward and reverse motion switch

  • Locking lift up serving door + rear sliding doors - keyed alike

  • 38" or 40" overall height

  • Electrical plug in outlet for case to case electrical supply


  • Custom laminate finish

  • Four aluminum trim options

  • Fluorescent lighting

  • 25 all narrow trays or 19 tray combination of wide and narrow

  • Automatic motion - intermittent rotation

  • Plush - velour (simulated velvet) tray liners in six vibrant colors

  • Front access convenience on / off power switch