The History of the Motion Display

THE ROOTS OF THE REVOLVING DISPLAY, now manufactured exclusively by Spin Display in Boulder, Colorado, go back more than 60 years to Mr. B. L. Berg, of Madison, Wisconsin. In 1938, the concept of a showcase with multiple shelves that could be rotated to position the shelf for viewing was first developed by Ben Berg, for use in his store in Madison. Berg tested his idea for the next several years building some crude but promising prototypes. By 1946 Berg had refined his design and the first hand made models were put into service in the Berg Sporting Goods Store in Madison.

Berg's cases were more successful than he ever imagined. Tied flies and fishing lures were displayed in his first models. These very small and traditionally difficult to merchandise flies were perfect for his "revolver" showcase as his customers called it. The customer was invited to operate a switch which caused the display to rotate forward or in reverse while selecting an item. Multiple trays which revolved in a vertical motion held over 400 different varieties of flies and lures. The merchandise was in perfect order, safe from pilferage yet readily view able by the customer. Simultaneously the product was easily accessible to the store clerk. This new style of showcase, which evolved into the "Berg Selector" netted Berg a 500% increase in sales.

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