Freight/Shipping Guide

Why are we not able to include shipping costs?

Showcases are shipped LTL Freight (less than truckload) with costs based on several variables. Distance, delivery circumstances, the number of units, total weight. and special instructions. it is impractical to develop and maintain accurate pricing to all zip and postal codes in the United States and Canada. We would rather supply accurate charges based on the information you provide than charge higher shipping rates to cover costs for unknown factors. If you are placing an order on line at check out please select the LTL Freight option.

At a glance...

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We have identified general rates to various points throughout the US and Canada. The costs are for one showcase ground transportation only with no additional services. It is possible your rate may be slightly less than shown but if you add additional services the higher end is probably more accurate.



Get a rate...

If you would like to have a shipment quoted use the following form to enter your information. We will quote and email the total cost for your review.

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Delivery Address
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Lift Gate (street level) Delivery Commercial or Residential
Lift Gate delivery would not be required if a loading dock, forklift, or personnel are available at delivery to unload a shipment. A delivery destination with no means to off load from a truck would need to specify lift gate (street level) delivery.
Please add any additional information specific to the delivery. For example if you are not available deliveries on certain days, if you would like a scheduled a day and time delivery, if you would like to get a rate for inside delivery, or if you are aware your location might have limited access.

Less is More!

That is true but more can be less. Two showcases delivered to your location will cost less than twice the price of one. The local delivery portion of the cost is more about the trip from the dock to your door rather than weight. For example one showcase delivered to a business in central Kentucky would cost about $160. But two showcases would only cost $225. Three showcases would be less than $300.